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Historic tavern, Newport, RI.  

Outdoor torch lantern, about 1900.

I love old outdoor lanterns. As they are an "endangered species" I take a special interest in admiring and restoring them. Those that date back to the gas era and beyond are usually very well made (many are cast iron). Great care must be taken to strip and re-coat them properly. It is also important to try to use authentic frosted or seeded glass in these fixtures. I get a great sense of satisfaction when I can "save" a beautiful old lantern.

Lantern in gate. Providence, RI. 1890's.


Another great outdoor lantern on the historic East Side of Providence.This light hadn't worked for years. Originally gas, I rewired it and changed the glass panels to frosted. A special plexi-glass top was added to seal up the lantern and keep the weather out.

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