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Seafare Estate,   Newport, RI.  

Custom pendants.

Another collaborative effort. The customer loved the work of a local RI glassblower. I took his original glass creations and made them into two working pendants over the kitchen island.   The stems and fittings were custom finished in natural copper to match the stove and cabinet hardware.

New York City/Providence, RI. 1910-1920.

Large 12 arm Crystal Chandelier.  

This one has amazing history, so it must be included here.   Rescued from the wrecking ball as a NYC theater was being torn down, this magnificent chandelier hung on the original set of "Saturday Night Live" for many years. In 2004 it was shipped to RI to be prepared for use in a private home. New arms had to be cast to replace bent and missing appendages. Several days were needed to carefully clean the frame and each piece of crystal. Finally, many of the larger pendalogues that had been chipped or lost were replaced with both vintage and reproduction pieces.

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